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A Prayer For You

Prayer-Life-Success Ministry are one of the doors that will be open and is available to help and aid you through the process of healing through the word of God we are armed and with prayers; Even Jesus knew what it was to be, overwhelmed with sorrow in Mark 14v34 Jesus said to them before he went to the cross ” my soul is exceedingly sad (overwhelmed with grief) so that it almost killed me, but as Jesus sought the face of his father help came.

As we turn to seek the face of our father in true repentance- the necessary change we need will come. “the word of the Lord says; That He is our present help in the time of trouble.” help will come, God has a special plan for you. Hold on! don’t give up on God! He will take you through and show you his divine plan for your life.

In John 10v10 “Jesus said he has come that you will have life and have life more abundantly.”

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